D.A.W.M.S. = Dynamic Automated Website Membership System

Share information with thousands of website users instantly while securing your brand and online advertisements.
DAWMS is designed to add value to any business whether it is big or small.

DAWMS can empower your company to create its' own free and or paid network of internet based members. Create a new revenue stream while developing a turnkey marketing and advertising system. It's like having its' own branded Social Network.

Imagine being able to provide your target community (customers, members, fans, etc...) with an instant website that they can manage themselves through any computer connected to the internet. Give them a context for the use of their membership. Now picture each of those customers seeing your brand and important messaging each time they login to edit their website. The website control panel is an easy way for any person who can surf the web and check email to manage their own website.

Perhaps it doesn't make sense to offer your community a website so you could call it an online profile or membership page or any other definition that fits with the target audience niche you want to create an online network with.

Each website created with DAWMS is supported by a template manager. The templates can be fitted with your messaging in any digital format (links, graphics, videos, etc.). This guarantees your company gets permanent exposure on your community member pages with minimal expense on a long term basis.

This is a win/win communications system for any company because it leverages word of mouth advertising by providing a free or very low cost professional website service that can be managed by virtually any business owner. This is a fantastic gift for your community because all companies benefit from having a professional website presence online. When you update the website templates used by your users they will update each site instantly making it possible to create weekly advertising campaigns that is simple to implement on all the websites active through your system.

If your members choose to have a website without your unique content, links and banners they can pay a very low monthly fee for the service. This means you loose the front end exposure on their web pages but you still get brand exposure and communications with your members each time they login to manage their website. It also creates a new passive revenue stream for your company with very little demand on resources.

DAWMS is a proprietary software technology developed in the programming language PHP and is driven by a MySQL database. As the software is improved upon you can choose to have your hosting server updated with the latest breakthroughs in functionality and user experience.

The default installation of DAWMS includes brand integration so the system takes on the face of your organization. It also has all the features and functions automatically activated which includes a “Master Admin” panel to manage the system and users. It also has the user side “Control Panel” that allows users to publish, format and edit digital content through their accounts.

The entire system can be fully automated and can truly be called a turn-key system once populated with the process you wish your users to experience. If you require a special function or feature, like “Profile Details” similar to that panel in Facebook, you can invest in a custom module to be developed and integrated with your system. Fully customize your DAWMS to attract your ideal target community.

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